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Winter 2017-18

You know what's beautiful? Winter in South Florida. We're about halfway through the run of Salome at Florida Grand Opera, and it's absolutely amazing to walk outside after a show – especially one this heavy – and be greeted by evening air that's refreshingly cool but somehow still humid.

This Salome is definitely a production to remember. Not only is it headed by two magnificent Salomes – Melody Moore and Kirsten Chambers – but everyone involved is so on the ball and Bernard Uzan's production is so detailed and deliberate. I'm so happy to be making my FGO debut with this one!

Miami itself isn't bad either. Between the beaches, the art spots, and the infinite number of restaurants that serve ceviche, there's a seemingly infinite amount to explore. A particular favorite is the Fairchild Gardens, where I may or may not spend too much time stalking iguanas.

Speaking of iguanas, I'm already looking forward to my second production at FGO – Florencia en el Amazonas, in which I will be performing the role of Paula. Definitely don't miss it!

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