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Spring 2015

I am writing this on the beach. I have a charmed existence.

I woke up this morning, pleasantly sore from a fantastic yoga class last night, with a single ray of Santa Barbara sunshine seeping through the blinds. I have intermittent rehearsals throughout the day with a team of absolutely fantastic musicians, for a beautiful, emotionally-charged opera: André Previn’s A Streetcar Named Desire. I am spending my days soaking in their artistry and occasionally singing about flores, doing community performances with the other Studio Artists, and doing my homework remotely, usually with a view of the beautiful fountains at the Music Academy of the West. In short, I am having the best first Young Artist Program experience a baby mezzo could possibly ask for.

The incredible Beverly O’Regan Thiele and Casey Candebat, now gracing newsstands all over town!

I could stay in this rehearsal process forever, but in case anyone is curious about my upcoming activities… Opera Santa Barbara's production of Streetcar will be at the Granada Theatre on April 24th and 26th. After that, I will be back in San Francisco, making my Old First Concerts debut on May 1st with the premiere of Elinor Armer’s song cycle Will You, Won’t You? I will reprise the work on May 3rd in Berkeley, and, on the 13th, will present my graduate recital, Gypsy Dances, at the SF Conservatory. I have a few other performance opportunities in May and early June, and then I’m off to spend a month in China as a Young Artist with the iSing International Young Artists Festival. After that, I will return to the Conservatory to begin work on my Post-Graduate Diploma, under the ever-incredible Catherine Cook, for whom I am eternally grateful.

The beach by the beautiful Music Academy of the West

And this, dear reader, concludes your quick update on my existence. And now, back to leisurely highlighting my proseminar reading…

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